This is a NON SMOKING house,
please do not smoke in the bedroom.

NO Food, Durian or Alcohol is allowed in the bedrooms.
The dining room is available for guests' use at all times.

Cooking is not available, however help yourself to light breakfast making facilities.
Clean up crockery used, its a self service home.

Please keep noise in bedrooms low between 10 pm till 7 am next day.

NO friends of guests are allowed into guest rooms at night.

To avoid choking the toilet bowl, please throw tissue paper,
sanitary pads into bins provided.

Hang wet towels up with hangers provided in your rooms,
do not use the white bathroom towels to colour your hair.

All furniture, and items in the guest rooms remain the property of the house.
Any items taken will be charged to your bill.

Please switch off all lights and air conditioning when you leave the house
for the day to help conserve energy and save the planet.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you an enjoyable stay.
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GurneyBnB - House Rules
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